Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Norman Rockwell and "The Problem We All Live With"

One of the most prolific images in our opinion that Norman Rockwell did was the image titled "The Problem We All Live With". Sure, at first glance it appears as if the total meaning is just the representation of Ruby Bridges. There is more...When you look at the image, the tomato thrown against the wall is in the form of an eagle, representing the Government. When it falls to the ground it is in the form of a snail, saying that the Government moves slowly. The crack in the wall represents the split between the government and the people. The little girl is stepping off on her left foot, the Marshall's are stepping off on their right as to say the government is out of step with the times. The Marshall's are closed fisted to represent close minded ness. Last but not least, Norman Rockwell cut off the Marshall's heads to portray the fact that the government functions with no brains.
There is some "brain gym" to chew on.
Norman Rockwell, just an illustrator?? I think not.

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